Rayzig Software

Rayzig requires both hardware and software to operate.

The Rayzig hardware is described in the Hardware section. (Software update information and hash values).

Each Rayzig modules contains appropriate firmware which is used to operate the modules and to respond to requests from the Raymon, or Rayweb, software.

Raymon is a highly featured application which is used to configure
and control the Rayzig system. It provides the mechanism to deal with
initial configuration and setup of the system, as well as setting
control information and ongoing operations.

Through the Gateway, Raymon interfaces with the Rayzig wireless system using an Atmel ATmega processor with inbuilt 2.4 GHz transceiver, and to a LAN using the Lantronix XPort interface.

Raymon provides access to the Gateway List which contains information about all modules on the system, along with their configuration information. It also interfaces with a MySQL database, where information can be setup and used as the basis for backup or programming the system.

Firmware is provided for the Atmel processors being used in the
hardware, which can be updated using the ‘Over The Air Update’ feature
of the Raymon software.

This provides the ability to carry out updates from a central repository, and the user can check on the Rayzig website for these. Remote support can also be provided using this mechanism.

As Raymon can provide remote access to the client network, multiple networks can be supported, configured and controlled from a centralised location, thereby making an ideal mechanism for single or multi-site organisations.

The mechanism can be used to provide large organisations a mechanism for working with their other offices, or for a utility, their consumers to provide demand response for energy management purposes, or  the ability to manage their facilities from a single location.

Raymon‘s Site tab shows a list of sites which can be quickly accessed, and then managed accordingly. Utility organisations can easily be setup to control designated modules, so that a power saving profile can be achieved easily.

Raymon can be run from a Windows PC, or using  a browser, control of the Rayzig network is available through the RayWeb software, which is a web-server application available to use through any browser.

Rayweb provides many of the features of Raymon through a web-browser, utilising a web-server program to access the gateway and service the Rayzig network.

Once users have signed into Rayweb, depending on their authority level, they will be shown details of the modules which can be controlled.

In some instances this will be use only, whereas in other scenarios the user may be able to define some aspects of the control. In multiple occupancy situations the user will only have access to the modules relating to their own occupancy.