Picture taken by : Verne Ho

Can you imagine - you've just come out of the Toronto City Hall, and realised you've left the lights on, on the TOP Floor !!!!!


RAYZIG has a Home / Away function which allows you to control the whole buildings status when you leave, or when you return – ensuring it is only in the state you want. This is just one of the many things Rayzig can do.


Rayzig provides a system to allow versatile control of existing electrical resources at a user level. There may be many systems for the home, with new standards being developed and will take time come on line. Rayzig meets a growing need for commercial and industrial users, providing a modern flexible solution – Rayzig is here, NOW.

Rayzig is aimed at the light commercial / industrial sectors, allowing flexible control at appropriate levels. It provides single and multiple site operations, as well as multi-occupancy locations, or for Utility companies – a simple control mechanism with its clients to meet energy saving profiles that may be needed.

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