Rayzig Hardware


Rayzig has a number of modules which combine to provide a functional system. Each module talks to the others by using an ATMEL ATMega processor with inbuilt 2.4GHz transceiver utilising Atmel’s LWMesh.

Video details of the modules

Processor Sub Board

The processor sub board provides communications and processing on a single board which can be used within other modules. This is used in standalone as the engineering module, and within the AC Input module and the Gateway.


Input Modules

A Battery Input module provides 4 pairs of input buttons which can be configured to operate On/Off, Zone, Theme or Home/Away functions

Input_front  Input_module_labelled

In addition to the 4 pairs of input buttons, a membrane option is available, providing all the same functions, easy inserts provide a simple mechanism for labelling the buttons function.

DSC08601 Membrane Switch PCB

The development of the membrane PCB has allowed other options to be considered, such as using a standard ‘Click’ switch


Additionally, work on using different sensors to interface with this board allow a number of options to be pursued.

The AC board, provides 16 pairs of buttons – each of these can be configured to control On/Off, Zone, Theme or Home/Away functions


Output Modules

The Output module provides 4 separate 16 Amp relays, giving the ability to control 4 individual electrical circuits. (The overall load on the unit is limited to 10 Amps, with a 10 Amp fuse fitted to the unit).



The gateway provides an interface between the Rayzig network and a LAN. This allows access from the Raymon software suite.


Engineering Module

This standalone module is used to provide initial configuration programming and is attached to other Rayzig modules to carry this out. It attaches to a PC via a micro USB connection, and is operated through the Raymon software.


DALI Master Module


DALI provides the ability to control up to 64 luminaires from¬† a Master module. The Rayzig DALI Master provides wireless control as part of the Rayzig Network to allow long cabling runs to be reduced, whilst retaining the local DALI infrastructure. Raymon provides DALI configuration, where scenes, groups, ID’s, and levels can all be set, additional benefits from Rayzig provide scheduling and home / away in addition to the DALI setup.

0 – 10V DIMMER Module


The Rayzig 0 – 10V Dimmer module provides a 4 port dimmer unit which can be used with suitable luminaires or other devices which accept control via a 0 – 10v supply. the 4 ports provide independent control for each of the devices attached to the Module.